Split transactions has categories that keep disappearing

Rick Pula
Rick Pula Member ✭✭
I have a split deposit transaction that I've used for the life of me using quicken. It is a scheduled (reminder) transaction. I have 1 transaction with about 30 line items. All of a sudden it will retain the first 10 or so items with proper amounts then eliminate all the other categories but keep 1 line without a category but the remaining balance. I've reentered it at least 3 times and rescheduled it. Each time it saves it and I go to the scheduled transactions and find the same thing. Only the 1st 10 or so remain and the remainder are gone with only the remaining balance showing. I even tried memorizing the transaction and nothing works. It is the only transaction that this happens to. Unexplainable to me. Anyone have some ideas on how to fix it or anyone else experiencing something like this?


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