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I've gotten this error message whenever I tried to create a new Data File.  In checking posts in the Community, all I found was the instruction that I contact Q' Tech Support, which I did.  Thanks to @Q'Marvin, the problem was eliminated, and I can now create new data files again.

Based on our call, here are two things you might want try to solve this error before contacting support:

1. Click: Edit/Preferences/Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts/Sign in as a different user.  Type "yes" to confirm sign out and then log back in with your current username and password.

 2. Click: Edit/Preferences/Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts/Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID (xx).  The next screen shows all (xx) the data files you have in the cloud, including both Q' Windows & Q' Mac.   From here you can delete all the ones you no longer need.

 I not sure the above was all that is needed to fix the problem, but both proved useful, especially getting rid of all my unneeded files.


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    Neither of your suggestions will resolve the "You have exceeded the maximum number of datasets" problem. In subscription Quicken, this is caused by too many restores.

    Can this problem still be caused by too many restores?
    Yes, if the user attempts to restore a file and use that file with the Quicken Cloud.  There are two types of restore: one is if you're just looking at the file, in which case, a cloud dataset is not created.  The other is if you restore a file and intend to use it moving forward, in which case, your cloud dataset for the old file is removed, and the one for the new restored file is created.
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