Quicken mobile - displaying transactions on investment accounts (money market)?

Ted P
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I'm basically testing out quicken mobile.  One issue: our main 'checking account' is a money market account (with Ameriprise).  Mobile doesn't show the transactions under 'Recent Transactions' and I can't see them under the 'Investments' section.

Anyone wrestle with this?

in the past for Quicken PC I've also found some weirdnesses with using a money market account.  E.g., it doesn't display Tags natively, I have to append them as a '/<tag' after the category.  So perhaps there's some workaround?


  • Ted P
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    Answering my own question: I turned on the 'track cash in checking account' feature and it now shows well in Mobile.

    Mind you that process is a little nerve wracking - it goes back and moves all the cash transactions out of your brokerage account in Quicken into a separate cash account.  And it gives a few weird 'matching issue' popups.  But it all seems correct afterwards.
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