Mortgage SPLITS lines now zeroed out on entry

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Using the current version of Quicken, Windows 11, subscription. Have used Quicken for years, and tracked several mortgages successfully - on entry, split lines for principal, interest, and escrow all enter correctly.

Splits entry now no longer works. I pay the mortgage out of a checking account. The payment appears there as a "scheduled" payment. I recently updated the escrow amounts - went to the Debt account, select "Edit payment Details", on the Loan details screen that appears "Other" holds the escrow data, I select "edit" next to that. Detail splits screen appears and I update a Tax line and Insurance line to reflect new monthly amounts.

So far so good.

Return to the check register, find the next "sched" mortgage payment, select the gear symbol, select "enter this reminder". On the "Enter Expense Transaction" screen, the correct (greyed out) total amount appears next to "Amount". Above that, I select the "Split" button to check my categorized splits appear correctly....

... and the SPLIT lines details are now all ZERO DOLLARS. That is, for each split line, each is propertly categorized such as Mortgage Principal, Mortgage Interest, Taxes, Insurance - as I set up in the Debt account - but each line is $0.00. The total (correct) payment amount appears as an uncategorized line below the other now ZEROED split lines.

So the payment is not correctly carrying over the split detail I set up in the Debt account. Nor is it bringing over the amortized amounts the debt account setup automatically calculates per month.


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    Same problem for me... Quicken is plagued with issues.  Version R 47.7  Disappearing budgets, disappearing split lines, disappearing payment reminders... When will we get a solid platform?
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    There are several other chats on this. I had same issue and turned on the auto entry vs the reminder entry and that seemed to work. I see this am, there is a new upgrade that apparently resolves this issue. Haven’t tried it yet, as I already resolved with the auto entry so I have a month. Good luck.
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