Wells Fargo Transaction Download Issue

This is to Re-Open a prior discussion which was closed because it was ostensibly "solved." NOT SO!
Downloading transactions from Wells Fargo (a credit card) are still missing transactions. LOTS of transactions! 

 My download of January 2023 statement did NOT download 24 transactions form 1/4/2023 to 1/19/2023. They are on my statement, but not downloaded when "UPDATING" the Quicken account. 

This has been an ongoing issue for months now. Why the heck can't this be fixed? It renders the utility of Quicken very, very sketchy not to mention a PITA to have to compare every download (UPdate) from Wells with the actual statements. Please fix this! [Edited - Readability]


  • Quicken Jared
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    Hello @[email protected],       

    We are sorry about this problem with online banking services. Thank you for speaking to us about this here on the Quicken Community.

    Are you attempting to download transactions and import them as QFX files? Can you tell us if you are receiving any error messages when trying to download these transactions? Also, have any of these transactions been downloaded and then deleted at any point in the past within this particular data file? If so, the transactions will have to be entered manually, as deleted transactions cannot be downloaded into the register once morning.

    I look forward to your response. 

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared 
  • Nope. I just just use the built-in "Update" function for that Credit card account. I then started to manually add back the "missing" transactions, only to see a "suggested" entry popup, the very transaction I was trying to re-input. Hmmm. This suggested it was there, but not visible. So, I rechecked the "FILTER" to be sure the missing transactions weren't somehow being filtered out. All Filters were turned off and still they didn't show. Strange, indeed. But now the one or two manually items I manually added now showed up TWICE. Crap.

    So then I tried creating a QFX file (from the banks credit car account for the date range of the missing info. Then tried to manually import that QFX file to re-populate the "Missing" Transactions. But that was disaster. (Don't ask) didn't seem to work as expected.

    Your hint that deleted transactions can't be downloaded is probably key some how. Not sure.

    I now have a complete register but had to clear up duplicates after doing another 'UPDATE". Seems like the last "update" brought in the items previously missing and now duplicating the manual entries. Arrrrrgh!

    Messy. This ledger and "uploads" has been messy from the get-go when established in early 2022. I keep hoping the "Uploads" will sort themselves out. We'll see next month. Sure getting to be old having to compare physical statement with downloaded (via UPLOAD function) to spot missing info. A real PITA.
  • But thanks, Jared, for you attempt to help.
  • ldubin
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    I have the same problem. Erratic download performance. At this point it’s simply not downloading any transactions yet it has the gall to report the account has been updated. A simple search using the terms “Wells Fargo Download “ reveals a multi year history of reported frustration by users unable to rely on the service we pay for. That is just not acceptable. It together with a 2-3 minute waiting period for downloads to complete occasioned by the transition from direct connect to web connect (with no estimated time for a fix) is a real embarrassment for the company.
  • Bob@53
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    Another month. Another FUBAR download of Wells Credit Card Transactions using QUCKEN "Update" function.
    Again, missing transactions. This time 12 are trans are missing in the Registry. No download errors reported (IN fact you get a "Compeld" message) so you have no idea the Quicken Ledger is incomplete unless you compare item/by/item with paper (or online) statement. This time items from 2/17 to to 2/22 were missing. But some 2/17 came thru and others from 2/22 came thru. and one transaction within that date range came thru. It is ONLY the Wells CC downloads that have this issue. All other credit card accounts downloads perfectly. Who to blame? Quicken or Wells? Who is looking into this issue? Does anyone from Quicken even bother to monitor this Community of customers? Is any one from Quicken even mildly concerned? I'm not alone. What should be a 5 minute monthly job to download and pay the credit card is a full morning project every month. Pretty sad.
  • Volkerick
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    wells Fargo downloads missing entire month of January 2023
  • Bob@53
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    After hand entering the dozen or so missing transactions, went online to the Wells Credit Card account to create a .CSV file for of the date range of missing trans (+ a day on either end). That .CSV file contained the missing trans. So, did the same thing to create a .QFX file for the same date range. Opening that file, which opens Quicken) and added those .QFX trans to the credit card registry which it sort of did. Of course it created duplicates of some previous downloaded transactions (which is understanable). It also created a duplicate of some of my hand entered trans (which sort of makes sense). But it still didn't download some of the missing trans that I have to hand entered. So, using the .qfx route is a totally unpredictable process.
    My advice, don't try to use that method "fix" your registry. It can create more problems (duplicates) and not necessarily find and download missing stuff. Useless.