Quote service lists domestic bonds instead of global bonds for VTIIX / VTILX?

VTIIX and VTILX are tickers for the Vanguard Total International Bond II Index Fund (Investor Shares and Institutional Shares, respectively).

In Quicken Deluxe, if I go to "Tools" > "Security List" > "Add Security" and enter either of these tickers, it downloads the asset class information. The results are the same for both funds, as expected. Most of the information is correct (see attached), except for a noticeable mistake in the asset mixture: Quicken shows 83% domestic bonds and 17% cash - but that 83% should actually be global bonds [1] [2].

Is just a mistake in the service provider's data? If so, who can notify them to have that corrected?

Or is there a broader issue going on here? For example, when the service provider converts detailed fund composition info to a much simpler format that Quicken understands, is it handling global bonds incorrectly?


[1] https://markets.ft.com/data/funds/tearsheet/holdings?s=VTIIX
[2] https://www.schwab.com/research/mutual-funds/quotes/portfolio/vtiix

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