Several billers not linking at all

As I have been re-linking some my billers, I have found that a number of the billers I once had linked, refuse to link properly now.  This is after I have created a new file using the export transfer file option.

AT&T - This one brings me to the box that asks for the number to send the verification code to.  But beneath that is the box to enter the code.  There is no way to confirm which number to send the code to and initiate the process.

Heber City, UT Utilities - Never links.  Sits as pending indefinitely. 

Verizon Wireless - Gets verification code but does not link

Dominion Energy UT - Logins in successfully but indicates that there is not a bill to link to.

Mountain America Credit Union - Logs in, enter a verification code but returns that the logon was invalid 

Xfinity - Never links.  Sits as pending indefinitely.

Mt. Pleasant, UT Utilities - Never links.  Sits as pending indefinitely.

Apple Card - Never links.  Sits as pending indefinitely.

Amazon Subscribe & Save - Never links.  Says login failed even after proper credentials are verified correct.  Although, Amazon Prime works just fine with the same credentials.

Bear River Mutual - Never links.  Sits as pending indefinitely.

USPS - Never links.  Sits as pending indefinitely.

I have tried these multiple times, verified user names and passwords, waited for several days, to no avail.

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