Added Venmo account, but One Step Update triggers account verification code request.

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Added my Venmo account to Quicken this past weekend, but One Step Update triggers a Venmo account verification code. Haven't found any discussions relative to this issue. Is this a known issue?


  • BK
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    Hello @spratleywa ,
    I am surprised that you have not found this discussion on the the search as there are multiple discussions on it that I used to follow but not anymore.  The short of it is that, this is how Venmo decided for it to work.  Every time you update it, you must enter the verification code send to your mobile phone.
    FYI, it used to work without this hurdle about two years ago, but Venmo made changes (both Windows and Mac).  I recognize your frustration.
    My personal workaround: I "unchecked" Venmo out of the One Step Update (OSU) process, and now I manually select "Update Now" on Venmo about every ten days based on my use of Venmo.  Hope this helps.
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    @BK thanks for the feedback! I simply searched "venmo" and the resulting list had a bunch of non-applicable issues, but I was looking at it as a current concern vice historical. I just scrolled further through the search results and found the history that you mentioned.

    The odd circumstance to me is that the best I can tell, neither their App nor their website support 2FA as an account option, let alone as a requirement.

    Now that I know it is not going away, yeah, I will uncheck it from OSU.
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