Category report customization problem

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edited March 2023 in Reports (Windows)
Has anyone noticed while customizing a report to certain "Accounts" or Categories" the selection process goes wonky?

Example You open a category report and select the Account tab and then select the " Include Separate accounts" option and the click "Select All" . The wonkiness comes when the "Include Separate Accounts" is deselected by quicken and the remaining accounts are selected. Giving you the impression all accounts including separate accounts have been selected when in fact they haven't been. The only way is to manually select all the accounts individually. Oddly the "unselect all" works across all account including separate ones.

Wonky #2. After first clearing all categories selected and then selecting specific categories for a report everything seems to work as expected the first time you display the report. However if you add or remove a category from the report Quicken adds all the hidden system categories back to the modified report that weren't there the first time.
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