Status Windows to Mac conversion - investment purchase in other currency

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My biggest problem is the conversion tool does not appear to handle when you buy a US stock paid from a Canadian dollar account. For example, you buy a stock for $100 USD and it costs $120 CDN with exchange fees against a CDN account. This transfer which includes a currency exchange is not entered in the conversion process.

This is a common brokerage and bank setup. There are CDN and USD security accounts, each with an attached bank account but a purchase or sale cost or proceeds can be transferred from the other currency account with currency conversion.

Here are the options
buy or sell USD stock from or to CDN cash account
buy or sell USD stock from or to USD cash account

It handles when currency does not change.

I have to add that conversion utility is much better than last year however, it still makes too many errors for me to handle. I moved to mac many years ago and Quicken runs on a virtual machine. My long-term concern is the eventual conversion of macs to arm only and an inability to emulate windows.

Note the default QDF file format does not work but you can export to QXF, also validate data in windows first.
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