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Most of my sales are being rported as gains or losses on the Tax schedule report, but sme just sho up as dividends. Any idea why this might be?


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    Hi @k4to@arrl

    I am not absolutely sure that I understand your question. 

    But I think the reason is that the Tax Schedule Report that Quicken produces should be reporting data that could flow to every Federal tax schedule.  With respect to securities that you may own, that report will show dividends you received (based on the settings you have setup) as well as interest income and gains/losses on security trades you have made during the year.

    If you held stocks that pay dividends and you sold those stocks, the report should show the capital gain or loss as well as any dividends the stocks have paid during the year.

    Hope this helps, but get back to me if you have any followups.


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    I have found someone locally to help. I have used this software since Windows 95 days and Most of it works. But, over the years, as the program expanded, nagging issues have persisted and all data is not flowing as it should. Thanks for your information.
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