Synch Caused Split Transaction Window to Show No Data, Pop-Up Shows Split Details

Similar issue to those reported. Entered detailed transactions into split transaction window for all payroll checks in 2022. Saved file to backup. Allowed system to synch. Re-open Quicken file and now when we hover over the transaction in the register we see the detailed split transactions in a pop-up but when we open the split transaction window it is blank with no data. Open backup pre-synch and all split transaction window transactions are showing up as expected. We are updated to latest update per 2-2-2023. I have been in the Northern California High Tech Software Development business for 30+ years, this is an issue. Turned off synch indefinitely, it often fails with ambiguous errors and has been problematic. Similar experience with account one-step auto updates, resorted to full manual only to avoid repeated issues; Bank of America Client.
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