how to download "duplicate" transactions to an investment account. Overcome error OL-96-A/B

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Today I downloaded a QFX file from a 401K provider that covered 18 months. When Quicken accepted the 143 entries, it asked if one of the securities matched an existing and I said No. Of course Quicken created a new Security with the identical symbol but a slightly different name. There is no easy way to merge two securities, so I deleted all 143 entries and erased the unused security.

Now I want Quicken to accept those 143 transactions all over again, but it returns an OL-96-A error "No new transactions". Clearly, Quicken has remembered the date of the last download/acceptance (today) and is trying to protect me from downloading duplicates.
I need to find a way to reset the date of the last download so that Quicken will accept those transactions a second time.
(Before you ask, no, I was not clever enough to perform a backup before I did all this.)


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    Nobody knows how to fix this?
    Not even a guess?
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    The fix would be to restore the backup you didn't take and re-import the QFX file.
    The transactions are not remembered by date. They are individually remembered by transaction identifiers called FITIDs.
    To re-import that QFX file, edit it with a text editor and modify all the FITIDs by appending a single character to each one. Then the transactions should be imported because those FITIDs haven't been seen before.

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