quicken will not let me put in a rate or an amount

When preparing an invoice my quicken program would not allow me to put in a quantity for an item nor the amount would not transfer from the rate column


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    Are you using a predefined Item to start the new line item entry with?
    If so, an item marked "subtotal of preceding items" cannot be used to enter Qty or Rate.
  • Thank you for responding

    Yes the predefined item has to be entered before the program will allow me to tab to the CATAGORY and DESCRIPTION which are automatically filled in. Then I type in 1, hit tab to RATE and the 1 in QTY goes to 0. Normally I would type in 1 for QTY then type in Rate and the AMOUNT would fill in automatically and I go on to the next line item. This all started happening yesterday.
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    I just verified with my R 47.11: You don't need to put anything in ITEM to be able to tab past it and fill in Category and the rest of the fields.
    If you do use a predefined ITEM, do make sure that in the Item's definition the checkbox marked "subtotal of preceding items" is NOT checked.
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