Liability calculation missing for Vehicle loan with an open and a closed linked loan

I have a vehicle set up in Quicken that is linked to a now closed Vehicle loan and a new open active Vehicle loan. When I view my Liabilities in Quicken under Property & Debt, Net Worth, the value of this open active Vehicle loan is not being added to the net worth calculation (all appropriate loan amounts selected). For reference, in the linked Vehicle’s Account Details tab, it shows a greyed out "(multiple)" in the Vehicle Loan Account entry box.

However, when viewing Liabilities under the Net Worth Report, all is OK.

Is this a bug, or how can I get the values of the open active Vehicle loan added to the Liability total in the Property & Debt section?


  • Katrina52
    Katrina52 Member ✭✭
    While in the Property and Debt screen select the tab "All Debt Accounts" and choose "Custom". Then manually select all of the accounts, including Separate ones. That should select any accounts that were left out. Hope this helps.
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