More trouble with Navy Federal and PNC...again

I have two issues: First, when trying to update my Navy Federal Credit Union accounts One Step Update can't find the accounts. I go into the Tools/account list menu to reset my NFCU accounts. It will find my savings only, not checking or credit card. Repeat and it says my checking account doesn't exist (still no credit card) and I should deactivate it, but when the window closes I can see that it downloaded transactions (more on this shortly). Repeat and my credit card never show up. Back to checking update: The downloaded transactions are up to date, but the previous 60 days' transactions are no longer reconciled but show as cleared. This has been happening for a couple of months and I have gone back to reconcile again, each time thinking that I had made a mistake or had forgotten something.
Second issue: My PNC accounts (that I manage for my aging grandmother and widowed mother) have ceased to download. I've reset the accounts several times and still have trouble getting anything to download. I get an e-mail about once every two or three weeks that this is an ongoing issue. It's been two or three months and still no progress.

Does all this mean that I'm paying Quicken for a service that I can't use [Removed - Rant]? I am very frustrated.
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