Short Term Capital Gains misassigned (Wrong tax form)

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ST CG is assigned to Schedule B/ Dividend income. Q says category not editable. Any suggestions?

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    why do you want to edit it? 
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    Seemed like a bug to me... but QWin does the same... so I looked at the IRS docs...  The clarity is in QWin where the category is called Short Term Cap Gain Distributions.  The IRS says:

    "Distributions of net realized short-term capital gains aren't treated as capital gains. Instead, they are included on Form 1099-DIV as ordinary dividends."

    in this pub:

    This category would be used by, e.g., mutual funds, ETFs, etc for which a portion of the income received was a ST Cap Gain Dist.  It would not be used for a short term capital loss resulting from the sale of a security (which would go on Schedule D).

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    that is why I was asking. Short term capital gain DISTRIBUTIONS are reported on Schedule B as a dividend.   short term gains or losses (which are NOT 'distributions) are indeed reported on Schedule D... trace the details of your broker statement to the 1099-DIV form....

    It is not a bug.  Quicken is correct. 
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