Quicken thinks that one of my PSECU accounts is missing?

I have 5 PSECCU accounts under a single login. Just recently One Step Update is reporting a CC-800 error where it thinks one or more of my accounts at PSECU have been deleted. I have not restored the Quicken file from a backup that it suggests might have happened. The Fix It button does nothing and I have tried deactivating all 5 accounts and then adding them back in but the error persists. I have done this several times to no avail.

Anyone else seeing something like this?


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    I think I said in my OP that I tried those directions but they did not resolve the issue. Anybody else have any ideas?
  • kswan53
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    It seems I may have finally gotten this resolved. I went through each of my accounts that use One Step Update and did a "Reset Account" from the Account Details/ Online Services tab on each one. I found in doing that some of the accounts had to go back through the login/password process and then verify that they were linked to existing accounts. Once that was complete the One Step Update worked cleanly.
    My theory is that the configuration for some of the accounts was corrupt and the update process never really completed but it never threw an error/exception. What I hadn't noticed was that some accounts were also not updating before the fix but only the PSECU was showing an error. That seems consistent with a corrupt configuration that forced an early exit from the process and why some accounts never finished their updates.
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