Can I stop Quicken from logging in to my bank accounts everyday?

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I am running Quicken Version 6.11.3 (Build 611.47347.100) on a Mac running OS 13.1. It appears as if Quicken is logging into my bank accounts every night. (It's not clear if this happens with Direct Connect accounts or possibly just Quicken Connect accounts???) How can I stop/disable this? I prefer to initiate login and transaction downloads myself while I'm using the application, ie, via "Update Accounts".


  • Jon
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    It's probably Quicken Connect, and I don't think there's any way to stop it from doing that other than to switch everything to Direct Connect (which may not be possible for the accounts you have connected).

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  • Makers
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    Thanks, Jon! Is there a way to get Quicken to confirm this for me?
  • Ps56k2
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    Do you also use the Quicken Cloud Sync for access via the Quicken Mobile App or any browser with Quicken On The Web ? 
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  • Makers
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    Hi Ps56k2. No. And I have Sync turned off.
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