Confused about connecting transactions and parternership investments

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I am using Quicken Premier (for Windows) and I'm confused about how to handle capital calls. Here is the situation:

I can autoimport my activity from a joint brokerage account. I see a line that says "withdrawal" which is a wire-out to the private fund. I have multiple funds all manually tracked in a single account called "Partnership Investments." If I transfer it to the cash account of the "Partnership Investments" and then do a capital call and use this money the IRR is incorrect. It seems I must use cash from outside of this account. Is this right?

So then do I select the source of the cash as the joint brokerage for the capital call? How do I connect it to this specific wire out from the joint brokerage? If I go to the joint brokerage account I can't directly assign the item to the specific security in the Partnership Investments account but just the cash of the Partnership Investments account.

I'm very new to Quicken so I may be missing something basic but it's quite confusing to me what I'm supposed to do.

Do I have to reassign the payee of the original imported transaction? If I leave it as is and create the new entry in the Private Investments and us the source of cash as the joint brokerage account I see a new entry in that account. Then, how do I "merge the transaction" with the one imported showing the wire out. It would make the cash balance too low.



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    I'm sure I've likely rediscovered what many have been doing for a while for, perhaps other reasons, but I solved this by creating a "transfer checking account." I then issue capital calls to this account and transfer the wire-outs or withdrawals I get from automatic imports into this account. So the transfer account should always have $0 balance (within 1-2 days) and this makes the IRR calculation correct and makes it easy to just do auto-import from the existing brokerage account.
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