Is there anyway to remove "Quick Fill" transactions from the list Quicken set to Quick Fill?

William Day
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Often, when entering a transaction I am presented with a list of "Quick Fills" from which to make a selection.  Is there anyway to remove suggested "Quick Fills"?


  • MontanaKarl
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    Yes.  Go to Window > Payees & Rules.

    But... be careful!

    The Quick Fill is from Payees or QuickFill Rules.  To not have a Payee be suggested, click the box in the Hidden column.  Do NOT delete the Payee... as whatever name you see is associated with existing transactions.  Hiding will keep existing transactions, and then stop suggesting the fill.

    While you're there, you may see spelling variants of the same payee.  You can select those and then click on Merge Payees (button at the bottom, or right click) and select which spelling you want all transactions for that payee to be renamed to.   Again, be careful.  If you merge Delta Airlines with Albertsons Groceries, you'll have a mess as they are distinct payees and all of the transactions for one of them will now read as the other.   (Merging Delta Air and Delta Airlines, on the other hand, is a good thing.)

    Look, too, at the QuickFill Rules (the third tab in this Payees & Rules window)... which may be what you were really looking for?  These include category and amount.  Deleting these will cause no harm.

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  • RickO
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    Great answer from Karl. I would add that you may want to go to Quicken > Settings > Register and uncheck the box "Quickfill Rules: Automatically create rule when I edit a transaction" to keep new rules from being automatically created. You can always manually create a new rule using menu Transactions > Save Quickfill Rule.
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