Status of Y-Axis Zero option for all Investment Graphs

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It's been a few years since investment graphs in the Security View defaulted to a Y-Axis starting a zero, insead of bracketing the data range within the time period selected.

With the addition of the Dashboard on the Home Page, an option for Y-Axis at Zero appeared on the Portfolio Value graph. What are the plans or status for adding this very useful feature to other investment graphs in Quicken.


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    That falls under the scope of this idea:
    Add your vote as applicable. Quicken does not particularly reveal their future plans. 
  • Amy
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    Thank you, I just voted for it. I voted for addressing the same issue more than two years ago.

    The issues I see are:

    Does Quicken understand the benefits of graphically displaying financial data over time by bracketing the data range within the time period selected, or not? I believe they do, based upon how the graphs were displayed pre-August 2020 and based upon the good work displayed in the relatively new Dashboard on the Home Page by the addition of the option for "Y-Axis at Zero" on the Portfolio Value graph.

    Does Quicken understand how to implement best practices in the display of graphical data? The "Y-Axis at Zero" in the Dashboard Portfolio Value graph demonstrates that they may have the code applicable to other standard graphs in Quicken.

    Does Quicken have any plans to to implement the "Y-Axis at Zero" option on Security View graphs? Feedback from Quicken as to their plans on the issue would be nice, but I found alternatives after the prior vote and longer use Quicken Security View. However, it would be nice to get back to the pre-August 2020 functionality.
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