importing info won't come into my account

When downloading my accounts, I want to download the entire year but it only downloaded starting in Sept. of last year and now it won't acknowledge Jan 1-Sept b/c it has Opening Balance on Sept 15. Do I delete the Opening Balance entry and try again?


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    Hi @LyndaH,

    The financial institutions ("FI's") determine the length of time that you can download into Quicken.  Many will only make on-line downloads available for prior 90 days, but others will also give their customers the ability to download files (which can then be imported into your Quicken datafile) for months, or several even years.  And the Quicken application can actually accept and process transactions and account balances going back many years, depending only on whether you are willing to make manual entries in the accounts for time frames when downloads aren't available from your FI's.

    As a start, you probably should make a decision of what you want to have as your datafile's starting date for most accounts that you'll be tracking.  From there, you can then make opening entries based on balances for each account based on whatever records you may have (like old bank statements, etc.) and move forward from there.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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