Quicken Mac 6.12.1 Dashboard needs account/category filters

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edited March 2023 in Reports (Mac)
Quicken Mac 6.12.1 added a new Dashboard card...Income & Expense graph.

And, of course, it's a great idea with poor implementation.

There is no way to customize the card as to accounts and/or categories.

For example, the income part includes all my retirement investments, such as reinvested dividends, reinvested capital gains and even capital gains on my sold retirement investments.

This, in itself is wrong.  There is NO gain on a retirement investment.  It's pure income.  100% of it.  Which is also shown in the card under income.

Then, in expenses there is a quarterly investment fee that is deducted from specific retirement accounts.  These should not be considered as an expense.  

What's needed is for Quicken Mac to allow for filters in these cards to that the user can pick and choose which accounts and which categories they want included.

Please Quicken, bring this on board.  Your ideas for enhancements are always welcome...but go all the way so the user can fully use it.  
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