If I don't renew my Quicken Deluxe?

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Win 11, Quicken Deluxe, latest.

Long story, short. 
If I don't renew Quicken the next time it comes up, can I still use Quicken to view decades of old data?
I realize there will not be any support or updates, but is it still usable as far as entering data manually? 

I'm in a position now that I no longer need Quicken moving forward but might need some old data at some point.



  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Yes, as long as you have Quicken Deluxe or higher, Quicken will function in manual mode but 20 - 30% of the screen will have a renew reminder.
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    I would recommend exporting your data to some less proprietary format.  

    You can export transactions to QIF files, readable with any text editor like Notepad. You can export any lists like the Account List, Category List, or Scheduled Transaction list to CSV or Excel format. Same with reports, they can be exported to CSV, PDF, or Excel. 

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