Quicken missing many transactions from Ameritrade

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Hi, i just started using Quicken and very frustrated with its data quality having spent hours to debug. I am using latest mac desktop version via subscription

1) Setup connection to td ameritrade via Direct Connect using "TD Ameritrade"
2) However many transactions from ameritrade brokerage and IRA accounts are missing.

A) On ameritrade website transactions i see below, standard dividend distribution + reinvestment:
02/01/2023 13:58:08 QUALIFIED DIVIDEND (STOCKA) 302.22
02/01/2023 15:25:33 Bought 14.83 STOCKA @ 20.3785 -302.22
02/06/2023 12:50:03 QUALIFIED DIVIDEND (STOCKB) 169.98
02/06/2023 12:51:18 Bought 3.115 STOCKB @ 54.5701 -169.98

B) On Quicken:
02/06/2023 Reinvest Dividend STOCKB 3.115 STOCKB @ 54.5701 169.98
02/01/2023 Reinvest Dividend STOCKA 14.83 STOCKA @ 20.3785 302.22

C) Expected:
02/06/2023 Reinvest Dividend STOCKB 3.115 STOCKB @ 54.5701 169.98
02/06/2023 Dividend Income STOCKB Dividend Income 169.98
02/01/2023 Reinvest Dividend STOCKA 14.83 STOCKA @ 20.3785 302.22
02/01/2023 Dividend Income STOCKA Dividend Income 302.22

Issue appears to be completely random, some stocks I do see both dividend income + reinvest, many only shows the reinvest and missing dividend income (which makes the report useless - the whole point of using quicken for me). Then there are others where both dividend income + reinvest transactions are missing altogether.

Majority of the cases seem to have reinvest dividend transaction, but missing the dividend income transaction.

I tried refresh the data etc...without any luck.

Please advise how to fix this, thank you


  • Jon
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    A "Reinvest Dividend" transaction is a combination of a dividend deposit and a stock purchase. Whether you see option A or option B in Quicken seems to be up to the financial institution - some accounts I get separate deposit & purchase transactions, others I get a single Reinvest Dividend transaction. What you won't get is option C - a Dividend deposit and a Reinvest Dividend - since that would double up on the deposits; you'd end up with the cash and the stock both in your account and you should only have the stock.

    If you're currently getting "Reinvest Dividend" transactions downloaded from your financial institution, there's probably no way to get them to switch to sending you separate deposit & purchase transactions. You could change them by hand if it really bothers you, but that seems like unnecessary extra work.
  • gagaliya
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    thank you for the explanation, my issue is I have 6+ brokerage accounts, when I look at the transactions together it's very confusing, some appears as 2 transactions (dividend income + buy), some appear as 1 transaction (dividend reinvest). But from your explanation, it seems there is no way to make it consistent, short of a lot of work to manually change each transaction.
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