Quicken totals not correct, after One Step Update - Day Gain/Loss

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Using Premier, R47.11 Build 27.147.11 Windows 11, Home
Every evening I run a One Step update to download the day's activties, CC and Investing. Today, One Step completed in record time (VERY Fast); and under Investing > Portfolio I see brokerage accounts:
The Day -- Gain/Loss column looks correct (all show a + / - number) At the bottom of the same page (same fileds I've used for months/years) there are Totals.
Under: Day - Gain/Loss the total is way off.... showing $911.31 (Positive)
Whereas the total today ought to be approx --$13,000 (Negative).

I've closed Quicken, checked for Quicken updates, re-ran One Step.. .all give me the same answer which is blatantly wrong! See attached screen snap.
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