Amex transactions are random and confused between two separate accounts. Is there a fix?

I successfully made the new Amex connection. However, when I updated my two Amex accounts -- Everyday and Platinum -- the transactions on each were confused. Random Platinum transactions were appearing on the Everyday account and vice versa. How can I fix this.


  • MontanaKarl
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    Did you accidentally cross link the accounts when you set up the new connection?  (Or…Are you using Quicken Mobile or Web and there might be corruption from the Cloud sync?)

    I’ve got the new Amex connection in 5 cards across 2 Amex accounts and no glitches for me.

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  • Thanks for your note. You're assessment is likely correct. I set up the new connection quickly and probably cross linked the two Amex accounts. It's fixed now. A Quicken agent walked me through the solution.
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