Bill and Income Reminders Bug

kgw Member
This has gone on forever - just passed it on to support for at least the third time, and they suggested I also post here. Not sure why the issue should get more attention here than directly through support, but here goes...

There appears to be no consistent sorting rule for Bill and Income Reminders.

Say you have 6 reminders for a given day.
Right click the top one and enter it.
When the list refreshes the 5 remaining reminders will now be in a different order.

Maybe seems like not a big deal, but when you're entering lots of these, it's very easy to enter the wrong one.

Seems like it should be even easier to fix.


  • Susan Evans
    Susan Evans Member ✭✭
    My Billminders window don't pop up when Windows starts anymore. What happened to mine? You are getting reminders, but not in order. Weird!
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