How do I enter changes to share classes in Quicken

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My employer/fund trustee changed 3 of the funds that I invest in. According to info provided by the trustees of the plan, the new funds represent a change of share classes to classes with lower expense ratios. The changes went into effect on approx 9-10 months ago. I am playing catch up now. The new shares had slightly different prices per share than the original funds (approx $0.40 to $0.90/per share). This also led to a change in the number of shares held by approx 3-4 shares per fund.

I tried entering two of these changes as Mutual Fund Conversions. For each fund, Quicken asked for, and I provided, the new fund's ticker, share price and number of shares purchased/added. It seemed to work.

Quicken entered a Shares removed transaction for the correct # of shares removed ("correct" as in the # removed matches the quantity of shares that the broker reports in my account on-line on the trade date).

Qucken also entered numerous Shares Added transactions, which I assume represent each of the regular purchases that I made throughout the years that I actively participated in the plan and probably the dividends and cap gains reinvested.

However, after entering the first two "conversions" I discovered that Quicken entered the incorrect total value of the shares removed for both funds. And the it added a Shares Removed transaction for one of the new mutual funds, which threw the balance even further off.

Now the total balance in my account is approx $2-3k below the correct amount. (Prior to entering these transaction, my Quicken account and on-line account differed by only $0.07, small enough that I always assumed it was just a series of rounding errors that accumulated through the years.)

I am running Quicken Premier R46.12 in Win10 Pro

I tried downloading my transactions from the broker after discovering this discrepancy, hoping that Quicken would at least offer to enter a placeholder entry for the "missing" transactions and balance the Q account to the on-line account, but no dice.

I thought I could select all these transactions and void or delete them (like I can in other account registers.) But apparently that function is not available in an investment account register.

Fortunately, I backed up the file just before entering the conversion transactions, so going back will hopefully be simple. But can anyone advise the best way to enter these changes/transactions?


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    Additional info: I just reviewed my Quicken account's historical data. On the day prior to this change, the total value of each of these funds was within (approx) $200 of the the value reported by the custodian on the trade date. Accordingly, it is possible that Quicken did not have current price info in its system for these old transactions, but that does not account for the $2k-$3k discrepancy that I now have.
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