disconnect between "One-Step' update and "Update now" option within account "actions" menu

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One step update produces error CC-800 for Fulton Bank WebConnect; yet, the "Update now" action works perfectly well except that the error shown on the One Step update summary remains.
Even after clicking the "fix" link, resetting the account via account details and, even, deactivating and reactivating the online setup, the error remains.
The One-step update feature even fails to update the 'last update' date and time by not recognizing, at all, that an update was performed via the "Update now" action button.


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    At the bottom of the One Step Update Summary view there's a checkbox with text "Show just the last update". If this box is not checked, old errors may continue to show.
    Have you followed instructions here: https://www.quicken.com/support/error-message-when-updating-accounts-cc-800  ... is there an old, long ago closed and forgotten account which is still connected for downloading, but shouldn't be?
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