Reminders not being added to register when 'Enter' is clicked on the Reminder

Income and Bill reminders that are NOT set up as Auto but as only reminders:

When these reminders appear for a specific account, and the 'Enter' button is clicked on that reminder, the item does not appear in the register, it simply disappears with no effect. It does update the Reminder with the 'Due" date in the 'Bills & Income Reminders' window.

In the most recent issue, this involves a PayCheck reminder and may be related to the fact that there are 2 additional payroll deposit accounts in the reminder.

I have removed the reminders completely and reentered them, Validated the Quicken file as well to see if these accepted reminders would appear.


  • mshiggins
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    When did this problem start and what version are you currently using?

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  • zot100
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    Quicken Deluxe Version R47.15, Build -

    Unsure of the start of this issue, but Initially I had this Paycheck was just set up as a reminder with Auto Entry using just a normal Split entry ( Not the Paycheck Wizard ). I decided to remove the Split Reminder and re-created the paycheck reminder using the Paycheck Wizard, Probably several months ago.

    This seemed to work OK until I changed the Primary Bank a few weeks ago that was being used in that paycheck reminder and what was the Prior Primary Bank became an Additional Bank on the Paycheck Wizard window. This has resulted in all kinds of issues, and duplications of the Deposits leading to my removing the Paycheck reminder completely for a week. I Re-created the Paycheck reminder this morning using the Paycheck Wizard with a Start date of today. This produced a Reminder for today for that Paycheck. Selecting to enter that reminder as of today resulted in nothing being posted to any of the 3 check registers that it should have. ONLY the Reminder was updated to the next paycheck date.

    One of the issues may be that the processing of selecting a reminder when appears to enter it from that remainder, which might ask if it is the transaction from several prior dates, which you have to decide if it is, even though those transactions have already been entered before it decides to give/allow the date of the reminder is the date to be used. This was the case with a Utility reminder I just processed, I had to answer if it was the prior month(s) Date/transaction 3 times. ( November, December, and January transactions ) even though those transactions had already been entered and Reconciled.

    If a reminder pops up for a certain date, then it should use that date... Especially if the prior Transaction has been entered and reconciled already.
  • mshiggins
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    If you are getting the pop up asking if the reminder you are entering matches a prior transaction, answering Yes will skip the reminder you are entering. Skip results in no transaction being entered and the next due date for the reminder being incremented. 

    Best response to that pop up is always NO. 

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  • psode
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    Same: Quicken Deluxe Version R47.15, Build

    Lots of new problems for me beginning Feb 11-12. Continued problems with online services & updates (which I'll put in a different thread) but spilled over into problems with reminders. Several ghost reminders where transactions became reminders with no date, and "Enter" "Edit" "Skip" buttons seemed enabled but non-functioning. No way to edit or delete reminders.

    File validation found several "damaged scheduled transactions" and several "damaged scheduled reminders." File validation said it took care of them, but it didn't. I had one lingering ghost reminder (a one-time transaction that I never set up as a repeat or reminder, with "none" as date and no functioning edit or skip button. The ghost reminder showed up in the account's transaction register window, but not on scheduled reminders. Repeated file validations kept showing same errors and claiming to have removed the damaged transactions and damaged reminders.

    Eventually did a "create a copy" and restored from that. I have been slowly re-setting up online services, but it is not going well. Inevitably, the Quicken windows will go dim awaiting for a pop-up window (related to any "setup online" function, but the pop-up never comes, and I'm S.O.L.

    I can't remember the last time I quit Quicken normally since going to R47.15. I just get to a dead end have no functioning windows or buttons and must force quit through Task Manager.

    Most of my time on Quicken since Feb 12 has been trying to get back to stable point and troubleshooting. :(
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