I'm trying to rename some accounts to reflect the year (Q Mac)

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I tried to follow previous instructions about "control-click' the account. What is that supposed to mean? I tried ctrl and clicking it and nothing ha


  • Brechin
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    additional information - I have six accounts to rename, so I need something that will work multiple times.
  • Jon
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    There are a couple different ways to rename account in the Account sidebar. You can hold down the Control key & click on an account name, or if you have a multi-button mouse you can right-click on the account name; either one of those will bring up a context menu, one of the options on that menu is Rename:

    You can also just click on an account to select it and then click on the account again & it will let you edit the name.

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  • MontanaKarl
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    Ctrl-click is the same as right-click.  If you have the sidebar visible, showing your list of accounts, just right click one and then click on Rename.

    You can also select an account and then from the Accounts menu click on "Settings..." and rename it there.

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