Mortgage principal doesn't match between schedule and transactions after R47.11 or R47.15 update

AZGuido Member
I discovered today the "Splits for loans not allocating to categories properly" bug that was fixed in R47.11 and I fixed the January mortgage transaction manually. I then noticed in my February transaction it had two Tax:Property lines and what happened is it decreased my principal amount and applied it to the second Tax:Property line. I fixed that manually but now looking to March again my principal doesn't match what my mortgage schedule is saying it should be.

For an example, I look in the Payment Details of the mortgage it says at the top the principal should be $500 but if I look in schedule it says it should be $600. Looking at the upcoming transaction it has $500 for principal and a second line for Tax:Property for $100.

I've had this mortgage in Quicken for many years and nothing has changed so it appears there is another bug. I tried to report to Quicken but it said it couldn't submit and just closed the screen with what I wrote. I'll try again later but is anything else seeing this?


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