Vanguard online balance (not $0) is different from Quicken balance ($0)

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I first encountered this problem on 2/10/2023. I noticed that Vanguard has a different download page but continued to download transactions into Quicken. Afterwards, if I reconcile a Vanguard account, it says that the Online Balance is something different than $0 (matches what Vanguard says) and the Quicken balance is $0. I tried to disconnect all my Vanguard accounts and re-connect them, but that didn't make a difference. I went back to an older backup but that too resulted in the same problem (after downloading from Vanguard).


  • The "Quicken balance" is calculated from the transactions that are currently entered into Quicken for the account. You're downloading them automatically, but transactions can also be added/changed/deleted manually, and this will change the Quicken balance.

    Did Quicken automatically add any "placeholder" transactions in the account after syncing? These could be affecting the balance.
    Or do there appear to be any duplicate transactions after downloading?
  • bertvdl
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    Thanks for your comment.

    NO place holders, NO duplicated transactions.

    Interestingly, the sidebar does have the correct balance that matches Vanguard's reported balance. So it seems that reconcile it doing something funny.
    Of course, the Vanguard online balance is the 'market value'. The cash balance of the account is $0. Quicken also reports the market value correctly on the top right of the window.
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    I am also having a similar issue. I have four "self-managed" accounts--a rollover 401(k) and three 529s--that seem to have dropped to zero value in Quicken as of February 10, 2023. The Vanguard-managed retirement accounts are all accurate.
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    I too am facing this issue... when I attempt to reconcile accounts, Quicken (Mac in my case) is showing non-zero online balance and a zero Quicken balance. The account value in the left side account pane matches the Vanguard account value.

    A few more details:
    - I recently converted my accounts from Vanguard legacy mutual fund platform to the new brokerage platform
    - I am manually downloading transactions... monthly download the qfx file(s) and drag-and-drop into the Quicken account
    - I see the online balance Quicken displays, matches the value of the settlement fund (sweep account) in the Vanguard account

    To complete the reconcile, I unselected reconcile to online balance and selected 'use statement balance', which I set to $0
    Then the reconcile process went as normal.

    I find the Quicken online balance matching the Vanguard settlement balance a bit confusing... can anyone explain what is going on here and the concept of Quicken online balance for a Vanguard investment account ?
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    I have linked LPL brokerage account and quicken balance is in millions instead of thousands form some items

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