Importing Apple Cash Transactions into Quicken

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​ Hi! I recently got an Apple Card, which includes the Apple Cash rewards, which functions as a debit card. These are great new(er) tools, but have some limitations when it comes to tracking the transactions in Quicken. The Apple Card only lets you download a QFX file when your statement comes due, and as of today (2/12/2023), the only way I have found to get transaction data from your Apple Cash charges is to manually request a PDF statement through the Wallet app.

Being an obsessive tracker of financial data, this was not going to cut it for me. I created a technique using Microsoft Excel and Power Query to convert the PDF statement that is emailed to you into a CSV file that Quicken can import ( format).

It is not particularly user friendly, but it does get the job done until Apple decides to let you export the transactions more easily.

Files available here:


I hope someone finds this useful!
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