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I have setup my frequent Payee in the Bills & Payments > Payee List within Quicken for Mac. For most Payee, I have added a Quick Fill Rule that includes the Category within my Budget.

When I attempt to enter a new Payment, don't understand why or how to resolve?

1) when I type the Payee Name in the Payee field, it opens a dropdown list with 3 items (2 are normal font while the last is italic). if I use the dropdown, ll is good. Is there a way to see only 1?

2) The Category is not automatically filled in. even tough I have a Quick Fill Rule. I cn go through the Category list but that seems like an unnecessary step,

Any help will be appriciated.


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    I'm guessing you mean the Bills & Income > Payee list?

    It sounds like you are entering a new payment as a new transaction in a register.

    There is also the list of every Payee used in any transaction, accessed via Window > Payees & Rules

    Open THAT list window and notice that there are three tabs within it:  Payees, Renaming Rules and QuickFill Rules.

    When you start typing a name in the Payee field, matching entries are pulled from both the Payees list (name only) and the QuickFill Rules (name, category, amount, tag, memo etc - whatever is in the QuickFill will show in italics and fill in the transaction).

    New QuickFill rules can be created manually in the Payees & Rules window, or they will be created as you create transactions, depending on your settings in Quicken > Settings... > Register
    If enabled, a new rule will be created when you edit a transaction - and depending on the drop-down value in this screenshot, the QuickFill will save just the Payee and Category, or all fields (tag, memo etc).

    You can also manually save a QuickFill rule from the current transaction from the Transactions menu.

    If the category is saved with the QuickFill rule, you will see it in italics under the payee name in the dropdown when entering a transaction.

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    Thank You... exactly what I needed.
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