USAA Express Web Connect + NOT WORKING

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Today, Super Bowl Sunday, I see Quicken and USAA rolled out their new connection method.  It could be better.  Was it tested?  Was working properly before change. 

I have 5 USAA accounts, 3 bank accounts, 2 credit cards.  Four of the 5 accounts were recognized by Quicken.  One bank account was missing and could not be connected.  Of the four accounts recognized, two were NOT matched to any account.  One was matched the correct account and one was matched to an account at a different bank.  When I attempt to link the one missing account, I just get these same 4 accounts screen again, and again, and again.

As I said, it was all fine before today.  USAA was called.  Here is their IT DEPT ticket: INC9546885.


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    Redneck Member ✭✭✭
    For anyone not having all their accounts being available on the screen to link to; be sure the missing account is in an "active" status.  If there hasn't been any activity for 365 days, then the bank will put it in "inactive" status, and it will not be available to link to.  The bank can easily change it for you.  Then you can link to it
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