Citi credit cards not syncing

It's been months since my Citi credit cards were able to sync transactions with Quicken. The only reports coming from Quicken are that the problem is ONGOING but there is no end in sight. How does this take so long to resolve? The origins of this issue started in April 2022, and there was a brief solution that didn't stick some months later. But we are now 10 months into this problem and still no ETA for a fix. What is happening with this? We need more details, please!


  • UKR
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    Which financial institution name are you using to try to connect?
    "Citi Cards" has always worked well for my Citi credit card.
    Deactivate all your Citi credit cards, then reactivate and carefully LINK the cards found at the bank to your already existing Quicken registers.
    You also need to allow Quicken to access your Citi credit card account.
    Follow the procedure at
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