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I have been importing transaction details from Vanguard in QFX format using Quicken for Windows in a Parallels desktop environment for over 10 years without an issue
Vanguard seems to have updated their download center. Yesterday when I tried to import the QFX file I got a message that I am trying to import data to a file that does not exist in Quicken.


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    Hi @ODB,

    Are you getting any error codes as a part of the error message (like OL-220 or OL-262 A or B )?  Any other things that you are seeing as a part of this problem?


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    Cannot remember the code bc the issue has been resolved. The issue is that prior to Vanguard's redesign of the download site, the QFX download file could be accessed both on the MAC and the PC side. With the recent change I have to be entirely on the PC side (Edge) to download the data so that the file can be accessed and mapped. This problem seems to be particular to people who use quicken in a partitioned Mac/PC configuration.
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    @ODB - Not sure what you are seeing… 
    Using my iPhone, and Safari browser, brought up the Vanguard website, logged in, went to the Download Center, and picked Quicken format, and check marked my account - and downloaded the QFX file…  
    So, if dup this on the desktop, now that I have the QFX file, I should be able to Import into Quicken…  on either side - 

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