Password Vault asks for password every morning... the fix

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I hope this helps some other poor sole trying to get things fixed.

Basically, the scenario is that even though the correct checkbox is set (ask for password when Windows starts vs. Before each download), the Vault keeps asking for the password. This is highly annoying, and in my situation of nobody else having access to this system, a useless requirement.

Given issues that I won't go into, telephone support was good about ensuring I backed up and helpful with screen sharing to try and help, but their boilerplate suggestions didn't fix anything, and upper management wouldn't get a more senior support person to help. I get it, as our previous interactions of over a year a go didn't go well.

Here's the history of this issue.

For my previous installation, I was on a Windows 10 Pro system that, for a large measure, was brain dead. It had all sorts of MS OS issues. I kept this system running for years. Finally, I switched to a Windows 11 Pro. Basically, it's a clean system, and the Quicken Vault fired off no problem for several months. Then, it stopped without me entering my Vault password, even though I have the UI set to At Windows Startup (which is the way I've had it for years). This happened right after a Quicken update. Neither system was allowed to "sleep."

Here's the fix.

Before you try this, a couple of caveats...

Be sure you back up both your Quicken data and create a System Restore point. No point in making the situation worse!

First. in the morning, I changed the attributes/permissions on the bagent.exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken to full control for everyone and everything, rescheduled the download for 2pm on the same day, and it updated without asking for the Vault Password.

Second, I then changed it back to the usual time of 7 am. At about 4pm, the Vault popped up, asking for my password, which I entered, and the program did a bank update. I've never seen that behavior before. I suspected that this was the fix, but to save time, I continued to investigate other possible issues. I was very concerned that it would not work, given that the Vault popped up two hours later.

Third, I went hunting around. I found that my anti-virus/anti-malware program Malwarebytes (which I highly recommend) blocked an outgoing attempt to as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), which was initiated by Quicken (qw.exe). MWB did this silently. I added this to the Allowed list, but.....

I'm wondering why it's there. Quicken support is not an option, so I'm going to assume it's a mystery of the sea. Seems to be a geolocation process. This is a computer, not a mobile device, and while I do have the mobile update box checked, I still don't understand why it needs to know where my phone is located. What if I'm in Europe and want to check my balance? Why would it care?

Fourth, the bank update went fine the next morning.


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