USAA Reauthorize / Quicken crash corrupted other account

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I ran the USAA reauthorize process today. I shouldn't have linked my auto loan because I got a bunch of balance adjustments. Quicken crashed while I was fixing that - updating the incorrect account used for recent payments (my error - didn't happen today) and deleting the balance adjustments that had been made for previous months. I restarted and now my checking account looks like an auto loan at my bank (not USAA). My transactions appear under Payment Details and appear to be complete. Except for the display, it seems to still function as a checking account, but it's annoying to look at. Is there a way to fix this? I have a backup from a week ago, but if I can fix it on the fly, I would prefer to do that. Thanks.


  • SaraBella
    SaraBella Member ✭✭
    Per Quicken telephone support this morning - Can't. Be. Fixed. Must restore from backup.
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