Unfortunately I cancelled my regular quicken renewal process and went to buy Quicken Deluxe for MAC. What a mistake, for sure they took my money but left me with no way to download the new app.

Even under the new account created that shows that I paid for the Deluxe version, under the download button, it downloaded the starter version and I am back to square one, several dollars poorer without the expected new functionality. Is the anyone who know how to fix this. Otherwise I want my money back and I will just renew the starter version! >:)


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    There is no Starter vs Deluxe version of the Quicken App. The app that is downloaded is the same app regardless of your subscription level. It is only when you sign into the app that it sets which level of functionality is made available.

    The solution to your situation is likely simply to launch the Quicken app then sign out (menu Quicken > Sign Out). Then sign back in making sure you are using the credentials under which your subscribed to the Deluxe version.
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