Deleted quickfill rule is still active... help? (Q Mac)

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I have an Amazon credit card and every transaction it downloads is categorized to clothing. I have made sure that the Renaming Rules and Quickfill Rules under preferences are unchecked. I have deleted all payees, renaming rules and quickfill rules under Payees & Rules under the Window Menu that have anything to do with Amazon, including all iterations of the name that have shown up in the "revert to downloaded payee". I have the "show hidden" box checked to make sure I have seen them all. What am I missing? This drives me nuts as we use this card a lot.

As a second note, anything I put in the search bar on the Payees & Rules window gives nothing in return, regardless of what I put in it.


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    Also, I should have mentioned that I'm running Premier, v 6.12.2 on Monterey
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    Are all these transactions for purchases on Amazon? If so, I don't know how Quicken would possibly know what kind of item was purchased from the wide variety at Amazon. This is one of the reasons that I manually enter my transactions before downloading. I find it quite easy to do and the download then serves as a check against what the bank has vs what I entered.

    That said, there is one parameter that you can check that affects category assignment for downloaded transactions. In Quicken Preferences/Settings, look under Connected Services and toggle the checkbox that starts with "Automatically improve the quality...". If it's checked, uncheck it and vice versa. See if that helps at all.

    I have no ideas on the search fail in Payees & Rules. It's working fine for me. Does the search box in a register work as expected?. The only thing I can suggest is to restart the computer in case some weird system glitch is causing this.
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