USAA Credit Card Transactions Not Downloading

Bruce Johnson
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This problem has been known since (at least) October. There is a post elsewhere that indicates Quicken and USAA are working on it. 4-5 months??? I'd like a substantive update. Changing connection to Direct Connect restored some functionality, though it is my understanding that USAA is discontinuing Direct Connect at some point.


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    I first experienced this issue in September of 2022, reported it immediately to Quicken and then started receiving updates (approx. monthly) from Quicken that the issue was unresolved with no ETA for resolution. Like you, I switched back to Direct Connect, but had missing transactions in my credit card accounts. Two days ago, I received an email from Quicken saying USAA was switching to EWC+, but there was no comment/discussion as to whether this change to EWC+ is intended to rectify the "September" issue. I've been using Quicken for over 3 decades, support and a sense of caring and urgency on their part has noticeably declined. Disappointing and sad.
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    I didn't get an email about the change in USAA's Quicken connection method (EWC+), but I did get a popup in Quicken a couple days ago.

    Making the change begins from a popup in Quicken, then being moved over to a browser window to login to USAA and finally back to Quicken. (Abbreviated for sanity's sake.) The credit card and checking accounts transitioned okay, but savings accounts did not.

    I have spend over two hours on calls to Quicken Support and it's still not correct. The latest suggestion from Quicken Support is to call USAA FSB and ask why it's not working. ?!?!?!?!

    OBTW, during this process, USAA will issued you a new Access ID and Access PIN. At the bottom of that page (Print and save it!!), it says, "Are you having trouble downloading transactions for accounts already in Quicken? Get Help From Quicken" Those last four words are a link to Quicken Support -
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    Not a "fix," but a workaround...

    Call (800) 531-8722 for USAA Customer Service and request savings account(s) be put back in Normal Status.
    • They are aware of the issue with Quicken.

    • No credit or debit to/from USAA savings account within 365 days (365 days - NOT every year) and the account goes into "Inactive Status."
    • Once they go Inactive, you must call USAA to have them changed back to "Normal Status."
    • Any attempt to credit or debit while they are Inactive will fail.
    • Interest earned deposits do not affect the 365-day clock.
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