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J'ai été facturé le21-11-22 et j'ai été facturé une autre fois pour le26-01-23


  • Yvon Dubois
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    J'aimerais savoir pourquoi deux fois
  • Yvon Dubois
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    Pouvez-vous m'appeler S.V.P
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    Google Translate:
    I was billed on 11-21-22 and was billed again for 01-26-23
    would like to know why twice
    Can you call me please

    @Yvon Dubois
    I imagine you are from beautiful Quebec, and hope you can read this or use Google Translate as I did.

    First, nobody will call you, certainly not from this user community.  You must call Quicken support directly yourself.  I do not know if they have any French-speaking agents (?).  Click Support to get to this page:
    ...where you can start an online chat ... or make a phone call to a support agent.

    Is it at all possible that you have two Quicken accounts under two different email addresses (your "Quicken ID")?  That might explain being billed/charged twice.  But, usually, a billing question has to go to someone at Quicken Inc directly.

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