1-month and 12-month Budget Summaries not matching. (Q Mac)

Gsmith2030 Member ✭✭
The Budget Summary at the bottom of the 1-month view of the Budget does not match the 12-month view. I'm new to using Quicken, and found that I had a redundant expense subcategory in two different places in my budget, so I went into Edit Budget, and deleted it in one of the locations. Unfortunately, I did not zero out the numbers before deleting.
Afterwards, the 12-month updated properly, but the 1-month summary did not. Any ideas on how to fix? Thank you!


  • Gsmith2030
    Gsmith2030 Member ✭✭
    Update: Today, the 1-month summary is updating properly, so I guess I learned two things: Always do a save immediately before deleting anything (peace of mind!) and, let the system update overnight before worrying about it.
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