The new category window needs improving.

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When creating a new category, a teensy weensy window appears that doesn't respond to typing in a letter for a search.

In other words, if I want to add a new category under "Utilities" called "Electricity", I click on "New Category" which opens up this very small window, and then I type "U", but it doesn't go to "Utilities". Instead it goes to the first "U" it encounters, which is probably an income category. So, I continue to type "U" "T" "I" "L". Nope. It doesn't know what I am doing.

So, I start to scroll. But I have over 200 categories, and Utilities is near the end. The scroller skips 5 or 10 categories at a time. I can't get it anywhere near "Utilities" instead I go up and down and up and down, and finally one click at-a-time until I click 75 or 80 times to get to "Utilities".

By then, I am exhausted. I finally enter my new category name, "Electricity". Now, I have 5 more Utility sub-categories to create. Each time, it's the same. The scroller zips through the small window so fast, I can't use it. So click click click, 150 times. Now, 5 minutes has gone by and I have two new categories entered.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Come on, Quicken. I should be able to type "U" "T" "I" maybe "L", and be there in 5 seconds.

This needs work.


  • JohnMeyers
    JohnMeyers Unconfirmed, Member
    It's the sub-category window under "New Category" that I am talking about.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I agree this menu is difficult, but you should be able to type just "U" repeatedly and have it cycle through all the categories which start with U. Eventually, you'll land on Utilities.
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  • JohnMeyers
    JohnMeyers Unconfirmed, Member
    Thanks. That works. Five "U"s in a row, am I am there.
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