getting automatic payments/transfers to your bank account to load on the same date(s)

I am trying to get automatic transfers coming from investment accounts to load automatically in the register for the bank account. Where do I put these to get them to load. I have tried to load them in "Bills and Income" but they don't load properly.


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    Try setting up a scheduled income reminder in the checking account, categorized as transfer from the brokerage.
    If this is a transfer from a retirement account and you have federal or state taxes withheld, do the same but use a Split detail to transfer gross amount from retirement account and subtract taxes, depositing net amount into checking.
    While setting up the reminder make sure it executes a day or two BEFORE the actual due date. You want to have register transactions in both checking and brokerage registers BEFORE you download transactions containing the transfer confirmations. This way the registers already contain correctly categorized transactions and the downloaded data will just match to these transactions. The download process sometimes has problems figuring out the specifics of a just downloaded new transfer transaction and may create incorrect register transactions. Loading the reminder into the registers before download occurs avoids these problems.
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