Turn off PayPal Mastercard pending transactions downloads (Q Mac)

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How do I turn off pending transactions downloads for my PayPal Mastercard? I see there is an option to disable pending transaction download in Quicken for Windows. I don't have that in Mac. Also, none of my other credit cards are downloading pending transactions. This makes reconciliation a mess since Quicken turns pending transactions into actual registry entries. Sometimes, these pending transactions go away because I cancel an order. I'd have to manually delete those registry entries in Quicken.


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The pending transaction download you mention was a newly implemented feature that is/was in the process of being trialed/rolled out on the Windows platform. Last I heard, this functionality had been paused. This option was never available on the Mac platform, and there is no preference option to disable/enable.

    The downloading of pending transactions from PayPal results is certainly a real problem to you, although it likely isn't related to the above Windows trialing. It has occurred for other PayPal customers in the past, including myself. I rarely use PP, so it isn't a big deal for me as I simply deleted all those duplicates. But, yes, it can occur, and the problem appears to lie on the download backend and how PP is presenting transactions.

    Sorry for not being able to provide a fix, but your situation is not related to a preference on your machine.
  • elt4r
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    Has someone reached out to PayPal to see what is going on? Is the Quicken team working with PayPal to correct the issue? This is more than a headache since my wife decided that the PayPal Mastercard should be our main card.
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